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I first started my spiritual journey when I was a second year student at Loyola University at Chicago. I endured a private Jesuit (and expensive) education and thought nothing of what Loyola's private education actually meant to me- That is until I realized most of my courses involved religion in their own way. I was raised in a religious family but when I hit 20 years old, I realized that I didn't just want more, I needed more. I began questioning religion along with everything around me and why the world is how it is. I began to look into my own spiritual journey.

I always lived by one idea- The Law of Attraction. I was exposed to this philosophy when I was a young pre-teen guiltily indulging in Oprah on my day off school. It seemed simple; the energy you put out into the universe, you will receive back. Exactly the depiction of the infinity symbol and reverting back to the Conservation of Energy. Yes,  yes I realize that is meant for physics and heat, but it is a simple way to explain this idea.

To keep it simple, I began looking into the Law of Attraction and reading books that pertained to this philosophy. I quickly expanded my horizon in the past year and read various books that changed the way I looked at my life and others.

I began to learn that being happy can be quite simple. Just be happy! No one or no material thing should influence your level of happiness (but yes sometimes it helps). Being happy comes within yourself. *Gasp* Quite simple, right?

I also believe the only way to achieve whatever your heart desires is through pure determination. Success comes from motivation and should fuel the fire to your soul.

Be the movement y'all!
Irma xx


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