Help the People

So as I'm sitting in my school's library, working on physics homework with this playing in my ears.
Birdy: Help the People

If you haven't listened to this artist, I recommend her strongly. She has an incredible voice.

Well, with this song playing while trying to finish my physics homework, a thought that has been on my mind lately popped up.

You probably have heard about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman over the weekend. He was an American actor/director. AMAZINGLY talented and in many great films. He was recently in the Hunger Games and once I heard of his death, I immediately started wondering if he was going to be replaced in the third movie and that they wouldn't be able to replace him because if you read the third book in the trilogy, you know what happens and how greatly involved he is.

Going on any social media, you can see and feel the out pour of emotions from other friends, actors and admirers of PSH (including myself). He died due to a drug overdose and once I found that out, it just brought up the fact that everyone is fighting some sort of demon or have skeletons in their closet. Celebrities, billionaires and other people of high social status are no exception.

But what makes me sad is the fact that people (myself included) are so quick to mourn the loss of someone they never met- like celebrities. Yes, yes I understand that some people really look up to different artists, actors, or celebrities and we connect with them on a level only we can seem to understand. I know I have my handful of artists that I've admired my whole life. But we still do not really know our "idols" on a personal level like their friends or families might.

So why are we so quick to mourn the death of someone we don't personally know, a stranger, and so quick to turn a blind eye to the people around us? The people that are within our reach and need our help?

This is a reminder to anyone who is reading this (and I am also reminding myself) that we are able to lend a hand and hold it to anyone who needs that comfort. I know I can be selfish at times and at times don't even realize it because that half second it takes for us to turn a blind eye, isn't enough time for us to be able to acknowledge the hurt of someone and then decide if we should help them or not. But maybe we do realize we can help them and still don't? I don't know.

Birdy's Help the People, is a reminder to all of us that we should be helping each other out. Not eliminating each other from this world. I have met so many incredible, wonderful people who have big demons they face when they are alone and it breaks my heart when some people decide to give themselves up to their demons and then a life is gone in half of a second. The same half second we could have decided to lend a hand to the fallen.

This post isn't directed for Phillip Seymour Hoffman because I don't know his story but do any of us actually know anyone's story?

I try to be a positive person and as kind as I can be to others, but I too have big demons I face every time I close my eyes. My closet is full of skeletons but all I can do is find the strength to open my eyes again. I wouldn't be able to if I didn't have people I can fall back on. And that's my point, people don't have to tell us what their story is, but we should be there for them in case they need help getting back up after falling.

Just my little thought on this Tuesday.

Keep Warm,



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